Legal risks of buying digital property. Big Tech looks to use AR/VR gear as entryway to the metaverse.
Make sure that thing connected to my brain has an off switch. Small Nukes: An Answer to Climate Change? Trouble in the Metaverse: Meta hits snags…
Identity of blockchain/Bitcoin inventor remains a mystery. Instagram hearing: expect no new laws but tougher road for Meta in building metaverse. Senate…
An introduction to the DAO, U.S. sanctions Chinese quantum firms, researchers make gene-editing breakthrough.
Rise of the virtual influencers. Infrastructure law: boom for broadband, bust for Bitcoin. Agencies issue AI guidelines.
Web 3.0. China cracks down — again. Where's my flying taxi?
AI-enhanced humans - the end of humanity? Meta/Facebook shocker as company pulls back on facial recognition. More shots fired in tech war with China.
Quantum state, Facebook goes meta, code is law ... and more
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